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In which Vastleft apologizes for being prematurely correct

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No one could have anticipated:

It's understandable, given his background as a community organizer (not to mention someone who pitches "the audacity of hope"), that Obama believes you can reach out a hand to movement conservatives and build such bridges. Indeed, he's made it clear all along that's the kind of guy he is.

I just hope that when he finally gets that hand back after reaching it out and discovers it has been chewed clean down to the bone by a thousand vicious cuts that he has a little awakening about the nature of the nasty little beast the American Right has become in the past couple of decades. Such gestures for them are mere signs of weakness, nothing but opportunities to advance themselves and their agendas and to destroy liberals.

Bill Clinton had similar naivete early in his presidency, and it cost him dearly.

Well, Obama's not listening to us anyway. We're the now-marginalized dirty hippies he gets praised for slapping. Whatever.

Correntewire, December 4, 2007:

Today's GOP is a shark.

In these waters, bipartisanship is a ship of fools. Reach across that aisle and your arm comes back a bloody stump.

In the decades since Nixon's rise, Republicans have demonized minorities and the poor, they've rung up record deficits, and they've put the corporate inmates in charge of the corporate asylum.

They've torn down the fourth amendment, the Geneva Conventions, habeas corpus, and Jefferson's wall between church and state. They've taken the statesmanship out of the State Department and the justice out of the Justice Department. The Intelligence out of the CIA, and the Protection out of the EPA.

We’re supposed to partner with that? Should we agree to shred only half the Constitution, to carry American citizens only halfway to Syria to be tortured, to give only half the treasury to America's wealthiest and best-connected? Sorry, but I don’t think so.

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Submitted by ElizabethF on

I should never have clicked on the first phrase; "No one...". I just got royally pissed off all over again reading your February, 2008 timeline of Hillary insults and Obama glorification.

I have been trying to just wait it out and hope for the best. Now, well....I'm back in the 'American voters are the stupidest people on earth' place again. Thanks. And only five days until Christmas.

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Submitted by haelig on

since Obama started his whole hope, change, and unity schtick: There is NO such thing as unity and bipartisanship with the cabal of criminals known as today's Republican Party. If he wants to get any progressive or even decent legislation passed, he will have to FIGHT. As Glenn Greenwald said in his most recent column,

"Those who are eager to escape confrontation, divisions, and angry disputes can probably do so only by renouncing any actual political principles, and are probably best advised to avoid politics altogether. Because of the very nature of politics -- to say nothing of the nature of the contemporary American Right -- politics is highly unlikely to exist without angry, often ugly, conflicts of that sort."

Obama's unity platform was a lost cause from the get-go, and if reality doesn't set it fast for him, the Repubs will continue to push around Democrats and this country will go over the cliff for good.

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Submitted by vastleft on

... Edwards dropped out. Hillary decreasingly played "Kumbaya," while BHO cranked it to 11, and played it on a continuous loop.

He may as well have said "Hi, I'm lying to make people think I'm a chill guy. How am I doin'?" Not that he's necessarily lying about his plan to cater to the Radical Right, but lying about how our country's problems are from the excessive partisanship of two bitterly warring factions, when they're obviously caused by excessive authoritarian, corrupt "conservativism" and weak-kneed opposition (i.e., almost none) from the so-called liberals.

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Submitted by Damon on

Obama really is change. He's going to be the most perfect Village president in many decades. In the race to mediocracy, he gets the prize. Really, it's nothing short of amazing given his background and upbringing that he transformed himself into the most ethereal, evanescent presidential candidate in recent memory. He's single-handedly stretched presidential politics so thinnly that anyone can poke a hole through it.

For him, the first priority of politics is not about problem-solving, though, if that is a result, he's fine with that. His politics is first and foremost for his own need for perptual praise. Really, is there any question who he is in this for? For me, he never honestly answered the question "why do you want to be president?"

To be fair, every president has an ego, but many times it's also matched with the need to solve a pressing national problem or problems for the nation's people. This year presented us with quite a few distinct problems and issues to deal with, and it is my opinion that he never really addressed any of them, and went so far as to purposefully misdiagnose our illness, so that he could do little more than simply find an in to the White House.

Let's be clear, he's not being naive with his message of post-partisanship; as the leader of the Obama Party, he simply doesn't care what it does to his adopted Democratic Party and the country as a whole. To him, if he destroys the Democratic Party (and he already has), so what? They lose, and he remains relatively untouched. He's a leech, he'll just move on to the next host. That is the story of his political life.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

was counting on his own party. Its pretty amazing how so many people forgot that it was people in his own party who thwarted military integrations and universal health care.

As far as I'm concerned, shutting down the government to prevent some really draconian GOP budget proposals is the antithesis of his inter-party naivete. The progressive way is to spare no chance to try to diminish Bill Clinton's presidency.

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There may be leverage (if anyone cares what progressives think, and that's a big if) in embarrassing president 44 for failing to wildly surpass the accomplishments of the lowly president 42.

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from the things he was spewing at Tennessee Guerilla Women earlier.