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In which lambert apologizes for being prematurely correct


Meanwhile, insurance premiums for people like me are going through the roof. The president asked the insurance companies not to do that though, so I'm sure they'll stop.

Oh, and by the way, we're going to need to destroy social security in order to appease some phantom future bond holders but we can't do anything about the single biggest cause of the deficit --- health care costs --- beyond some vague rube-goldberg mechanisms [haw] that we hope will start working in a few decades. That's because it's unamerican socialism to even think about doing anything those backward countries like England and New Zealand do.

Who knew?

So it's really too bad that the A listers, without exception, imposed a news blackout on single payer policy and single payer advocates, when they weren't banning them (or, in Hamsher's sad case, actually returning their money during a fundraiser). And it's also too bad that by shilling for the vacuous so-called "public option" bait and switch, the A listers sucked all the oxygen out of the discourse for alternatives like single payer, that could, ya know, actually be shown to save both lives and money.

Because if they hadn't done that, we'd be that much farther ahead for the next round, and there would be some dim chance that we could get single payer onto the table, and maybe save some lives.

And pointing all this out, of course, makes me the asshole. Glad to be of service, peeps.

NOTE Adding to the hilarity, the A listers -- fully paid up and front pew members of the Church of the Savvy -- were betrayed by Obama on [a|the] [strong|robust] public [health insurance]? [option|plan] from the very beginning. Look! Over there! Sarah Palin!

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Maybe the great new Obama health care policy is literally hitting her in the wallet.

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It wasn't designed to save us money.

That's a slight exaggeration, I suppose. People with family incomes under 400% of poverty might end up saving money (but, even that's a weak assumption) but, are there any protections (laughing -- I didn't say health care) against rising premiums for families with income even one penny over 400% of poverty? I never found any.

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(I can't afford the copay to get them treated!)


the single biggest cause of the deficit --- health care costs

Really? Not defense spending in the prosecution of destabilizing wars?

They're both biggies, I'll grant you that.

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one didn't have an asshole, what would one be full of?
All I heard when the issue of no cost controls on premiums was voiced, was the response: "But, but, but they can't just arbitrarily raise costs. They have to justify to the state commissioners." Yeah holds down costs real well.
It's nice to know who's an asshole, and who's full of it.

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it's true that I'm not an a-lister anymore. Ah well.

They're bringing on a few good ones. Gaius Publius over at Americablog, for example.