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In which lambert apologizes, again, for being prematurely correct

Access blogger Mike Lux, May 19, 2010:

Being back home in the Midwest is always grounding. The most classic moment was a conversation in a restaurant with someone who was expressing anger at all incumbents and both parties who said to me "nobody is on our side."

That was the theme of yesterday's big day of political news. Three more establishment candidates in both parties were either beaten outright or forced into a runoff. More incumbents going down. Insurgents on the rise everywhere.

Well, if you call Admiral Sestak an insurgent. But take what Lux writes as read.

Unterbussen lambert, August 29, 2009 and 29, and often thereafter:

I'm on the side that the other two sides are trying to suppress.

Now, if you have a minute, go read Stirling on three polar politics in post*-petroleum America.

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