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In which lambert apologizes, again, for being prematurely correct


Clearly, theories about Obama's secret progressivism are alive and well. These theories strikes a serious blow to the notion that progressives occupy the "reality based community." Many progressives are seriously arguing that Obama's centrist campaign rhetoric and centrist advisors are part of a larger, secret, and fundamentally deceitful plan to institute a progressive agenda and provide it political cover.

That's the Phonebooth Theory.

Run as Clark Kent, govern as progressive Superman. December, 2007.

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In the early days of my blog reading, I used to finish with Corrente every night before logging off. I got a kick out of the closing of the Mighty Corrente Building. Then, for whatever reason, I got away from stopping by daily. Then I went through a phase when I didn't want to have sign up to comment. Whatever.

That's by way of saying I missed this post--thank you so much for reposting it.

Damn fine work.

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Consider it my called shot for the Obama administration -- and won't I be glad if I'm wrong!

And -- lambert blushes modestly -- you did notice who said I channeled him? Why I don't worry too much about detractors.

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You should have read the justification about Obama keeping Lieberman in the fold that I read elsewhere today.

People have lost all sense of sense.

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That's a classic, right there. I'm going to have to remember the phonebooth theory.

Yes, there is supposedly a vast left-wing conspiracy just under the surface of the incoming administration. I wonder when they are going to get that he's just not that in to them? It's as if they are gluttons for punishment.