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In which Corrente apologizes, again, for being prematurely correct

Chris Bowers, December 30, 2009. Shystee at Corrente, May 5, 2007. I've always said that it takes immense amounts of labor to move our ideas out of the blogosphere into the mainstream media, and this is a perfect example. Better late than never...

Then again, considering how the party line access bloggers enabled the health insurance reform Clusterfuck, perhaps better never, than late.

NOTE Hat tip, Vast Left.

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Your May 5, 2007 link goes to the same post as your final link.

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people have to like this legislation. If it passes and they don't like it, Dems will lose.

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... including bowers who supports the senate health care "reform" bill, but is hiding in the high grass waiting for the opportunity to jump out to voraciously support the next democratic party cause. But he's really working against them ... wink wink ... don't tell anybody even though he posts it on his f'ing blog.

Almost all of this too cute multi-dimensional chess player "gamesmanship" is a cover for mind fucking people into thinking that these wise chess masters are not doing exactly what it is that they appear to be doing ... selling out and going against all that they posture that they are for ... and actually have some unspoken, and unquestionable, wise and well-intentioned strategy in mind.
The obama-cons have played this one to death.

As they tell us, their motives are unquestionably pure and their wisdom wise, now we just have to wait for their great plans to come to fruition ...