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In which Arthur apologizes for being prematurely correct

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He's ba-aack!:

Anyone who is "disappointed" in Obama's recent actions failed to understand even a single point of significance during the endless campaign. Of course, there is an upside to self-inflicted terminal stupidity: when you make yourself dumb enough, everything will be a surprise to you. Jumpin' gee whizzes and gosh whillikers! The sun rises every goddamned day!
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like an arctic blast. But one smallish quibble; he writes

the authoritarian-corporatist system that is now irrevocably entrenched in the United States

as though this were a recent event; it is not. The Corporatist +/- authoritarian system has always been here, it is the system chosen for us by our beloved Founding Fathers who are revered by both Right and Left and imbedded within the very fabric of the Constitution that is also revered and/or given dutiful lip service to by both the Right and the Left. It is what we do, it is who we are, it is the very embodiment of what it means to be an American. Treating it as though it is something new on the earth implies that at some past time things were different than they are now. They were not, not ever, and failing to recognize that the Corporatist dominance of our social structure is unalterable within the framework that surrounds us also fails, to my mind, to allow us to come fully to grips with it.

Also, I have one question: So now what? Answering that question, seeking a formulation that may effect some beneficial change, interests me far more than endless recitations of damnation for that which cannot be changed.

[Note: From the symptoms, Silber's computer has a virus or a worm or a bot of some sort, yes? Maybe somebody who knows their way around programming could help straighten that out for him, relieve a little of the psychic pain in his life. Just a thought, not a command.]