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Where's the Military Equipment to Deal with Santacon NYC 2014?

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Throngs of frat people dressed in Santa Claus costumes have the run of the roads (yes, where the cars drive) in New York City.

What, no LRADs? I also don't see any armored vehicles. Or sings of police kettling the crowds. Do you?

In New World Order America the only people with First Amendment rights are juvenile drunks running in packs who are constitutionally incapable of paying attention.

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Thanks, RG.

Couldn't help but notice another common characteristic of "most" of the Santas/Mrs. Santa--their complexion.

I was a bit concerned to see that Sharpton appears to have successfully co-opted peaceful protests in NYC. (Garner Case)

I'm sorry, but the guy meets regularly with the White House, so I just can't take him very seriously, anymore.

I hope that his intentions (in regards to the Garner Family) are honest ones, and that he will really try to help the Family seek justice. (as in an award in a Civil Suit, etc.)

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but a couple of decades ago, Sharpton was definitely not in the hip pocket of the Dem Party Establishment like he is today.

MSNBC is pretty much on par with FNC--propaganda, just a different target. We wouldn't waste our time watching any of their programs.

(And please, don't get me started on "Big Ed," LOL! What an obvious phony, yet he passes for a "progressive icon" among much of the Dem Party Base. Go figure.)

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and I just cannot say that I miss it. I went to a fast food place for lunch today and they had a television on. They just never seem to have anything going that I have the least interest in; the talking heads always seem so obtuse.

Y'all are so much more interesting!

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They say all the things one thinks but feel it would be impolitic to say. They would be a fascinating group to know. At this protest that my Wife and I attended last week there was this one young lady that it gave me a real thrill to listen to. She was with this guy who talked of Malcolm X.....

I really do miss being young.

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who turned out for yesterday's protest marches in NYC were treated with respect, though. Such a lot of people! I hope it lessened the pain to some degree for the families of those who have been slain to see that they are not alone.