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Where should the Nobel-Laureate-in-Chief start a war?

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In this historically historic era of grassroots progressivism, I'm disappointed that groups like Organizing for America and haven't yet provided cool, participative tools for Obama fans to choose the next war(s).

So, let's step into the breach, shall we?

Should Obama attack Iran or Pakistan? Or both?

No fair citing our current "special ops" (in those countries and others) which, admirable as they may be, won't earn him "war president" cred any more than dramatically expanding a pre-existing war or -- eventually -- staging a reverse-Potemkin "withdrawal" from a different war, leaving in place thousands of mercenaries and otherwise gaming perceptions of the actual, massive, permanent military presence.

Don't worry about providing reasons for the war(s). Haven't we had enough bickering?

Republicans will grudgingly call any new Obama war a positive but insufficient step, and Democrats will shrug at the unfortunate necessity and then continue with the important work of Photoshopping Sarah Palin and Rand Paul images.

It really could be the best war(s) evah!

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Submitted by madamab on

They're making us look bad with their peacefulness, high standard of living and quirky Canadian-French secessionists. Canada must go!

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Submitted by propertius on

And they have oil - lots of it (more total hydrocarbon reserves that Saudi Arabia and Kuwait combined). To say nothing of most of the fresh water on the planet.

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Submitted by Cleaver on

Then he should outsource the "peacekeeping" operation to China, and our newly unemployed military can join Obama For America and trade in their uniforms for a cool brown shirt (how about that--lapping at the shores of Godwin in the space of a single sentence).

The whole operation should be good for another Nobel Prize and maybe a "genius" grant, too.

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Submitted by madamab on

During the Iraq War protest in March of '03:

"Yee-haw! Is not a foreign policy."

Guess I should have kept one for OBushMa.

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Submitted by propertius on

Given that BP has launched a chemical attack on the Deep South, I'm thinking the UK is a pretty good candidate.