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Montana Maven:

“Why was a man stuck on a barbed wire fence with his pants down in our recent blizzard?” people were asking last night at the local watering hole. “Did his wife not have a wire cutters?” “Why did the school teacher go to town and back (10 miles) on foot in the middle of a blizzard? Well, it turns out none of those things were true even though it was reported in the big city paper “”The Billings Gazette”.

The hub of a small town for the men is usually a coffee shop. Ours is “The Frosty Freeze”. The hub for women is the salon. So thank goodness, I had a nail appointment at “Janet’s Hair and Nails”. I would get the real story from the gals there.

Snow hit our town very badly last Wednesday; and before a warm Chinook hit on Thursday, a terrible fierce cold northern wind was drifting people in to their homes. Jerry Latraverse got caught in a snow drift on his way back up to his house after meeting his daughter. It was dark and a much harder climb back up the road than he thought. “He was not caught on a barbed wire fence,” said Melissa, the manicurist, ” He was stuck in a deep drift.” “When people heard that Miss LoPicolo had hiked to town and back with her son, people said that she must be crazy. So her students asked her about it and turns out the paper got that wrong too,” Melissa added. Miss LoPicolo had wisely parked her car on the main road in order not to get trapped. She then went from her house to her car with her sled. She and her son then drove to town and back. Then they loaded the groceries on the sled and made their way up the lane. That’s when the highway patrol officer spotted them. They all were able then to put Jerry on the sled and get him into the house until they could clear the drive to get him to the Emergency Room.

Well, that’s what I heard anyway.

Up here in Zone 5b -- we got nuthin. Total chickenshits. Except our paper gets stuff wrong too. So there's that!

Systems that work. And systems that don't.

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Submitted by jawbone on

Britain in the south are having such problems with the recent snows. Well, d'uh. Their climate until very recently simply didn't have these huge snowfalls, especially this early in the season. A white Christmas would be an inch or two, melting shortly thereafter.

Global warming models predict unusual and severe weather and changes in weather patterns. Now, climate is not weather, but this kind of weather does seem to follow the modeling.

To say airport officials should have been as prepared for this as, say, Buffalo or other areas of big and predictable snows are, is like asking why Atlanta and other large Southern cities aren't prepared for huge and multiple snow storms.

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

This is the lesson I learned from this story. People who didn't like Ms Lopicolo, the English teacher with liberal bent, believed that she endangered her son in a blizzard. I and others who like and admire her went to the trouble to find out the truth. So I'm going to monitor myself too and double check a story. It was great that in a storm, the super liberal teacher and the super right wing rancher with the tractor all pitched in to help a neighbor.

As to weather, the climate here sure has changed. We don't get rain in December and we did a week ago. We hardly get rain as Montana is high desert with less than 14 inches a year. Our ranch gets its water from a river which depends on winter snow. The irrigation system is from a canal system built in the late 19th century. A government program encouraged people to ranch here by giving them 640 acres for cows if they built irrigation systems.

We've also had more snow than normal so far.

Thanks for posting this, Lambert.