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Where is the United States Pirate Party?

Florida, apparently. Anyhow, the Pirate Party just had good success in Berlin:

BONN, Germany (CN) - The Pirate Party has climbed onto the German political stage with a surprise win of nearly 9 percent of seats in the German capital city's parliament.

The nascent political party won 8.9 percent of the vote on Sunday's election in Berlin, far surpassing the "5 percent hurdle" to entering parliament, known as the Abgeordnetenhaus, as explained by national law.

Based on a core platform of patent law reform, privacy rights, transparency in government and free Internet access, the Pirate Party also promotes legalization of marijuana, a guaranteed basic income and free transport for all Berliners.

Not a bad platform.

Here's the Pirate Party International web site.The US isn't on the board, apparently...

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