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Where the bailout money is going

The price of everything in the real economy is collapsing, and the banksters are going to use the money we lent them to buy it all up, including whatever the cash-strapped states privatize (starting with the highways). That's one reason they're not lending our own money back to us (which was the putative reason for the bailouts). Something to look forward to; I've always enjoyed Snow Crash.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

i'm not sanguine about the idea of faceless foreign overlords owning huge tracts of property that we lowly local serfs merely rent and work upon under an overseer. but i can totally see that happening. hell, what am i saying, it's already very true.

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Submitted by Brian.Nelson on

All that money. Where is it? I don't think it's making it's way back to us. If the banks have it how do we get them to loan it to us? Maybe if we say "pretty please" and ask real nice.