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"When two guys married a tree "

The Houston art world aspects of this story leave me cold. But can one really marry a tree?

And if so, why not (for example) marry a river or a watershed? Certainly that's one way to get ecological whole systems into the legal structure????

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Submitted by Miguel Sanchez on

The advantage to marrying a tree is it will never run out on you, but you can leave it any time you want. Rivers have a tendency to move on without you pretty rapidly.

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Listen, corporations are people, right? So why can't a watershed, or example, be a spouse? So that I, for example, and my spouse, the Penobscot River, could sue, and have standing, in a way that I as an individual could not... I wonder if the tribes have a concept like this....

I'm really taken with this idea....

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As it happens, in the traditional Newari culture of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, girls are married to the bel tree. This protects them by preventing them from ever becoming widows, as the bel fruit tree symbolizes the immortal Lord Vishnu.

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