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When they say "Entitlements"

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Is this what they mean?

Chuck Goddard, a former program executive officer for ships (PEO Ships) for the U.S. Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), has been named president and chief executive of Wisconsin-based Marinette Marine, builders of the LCS 1 Freedom-class littoral combat ships (LCS).

The announcement was made June 13 by Fred Moosally, a former Navy captain and Lockheed executive who is president and CEO of Fincantieri Marine Group, the Italian parent of Marinette Marine.

Goddard, who retired from the Navy in 2008, previously supported a number of programs at Lockheed’s Maritime Systems and Sensors division, which oversaw the company’s LCS effort.

A recurring theme over at the homeblog has been the cringe-inducing revolving door between the uniformed Flag Officer on day one – and the employee of the once overseen defense contractor on day two. It doesn’t smell right, and it isn’t.

Favorite quote from the comments (and there are plenty)? Skippy-san: "Even sex maniacs need to earn a living.".


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It is the only time I was close enough to notice that the people involved got in big trouble... but it seems like one of those things that "everybody does" but some people get tarred and feathered and others get a wink. By the article above, it looks like the revolving door is a perk.

In the case of Boeing, they had the contract for the tanker cancelled and the process was started over. Sears and Duyun ended up serving a little time in jail - less than a year but still, any time in jail for "savy businessmen" is amazing to me at this point.

Something about the tanker and sweet job deal must have crossed the line or maybe we aren't as picky now.

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...resigned, in effect, in disgrace after the turret explosion on USS Iowa in the late 1980s. Over 40 sailors, the entire turret crew, were killed, and the blame was initially pinned on an alleged homosexual love triangle. The US Navy persisted with that story even after independent tests showed that high-speed loading of gunpowder bagged charges could in fact ignite them due to compression. And now Moosally is peddling ships to the US Navy...clearly the rot in that branch of service must be well advanced.