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Since when is rowing hard in the same direction considered "struggling with"?

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Whoever Kidnapped Paul Krugman:

Mr. Obama wanted to transcend partisanship. Instead, however, he finds himself very much in the position Franklin Roosevelt described in a famous 1936 speech, struggling with “the old enemies of peace — business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering.”

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at his blog recently. "Let's face it, the economy is Bush's fault. Leave Obama alooooooone!"

Uh, no one is blaming Bush's bad policies on Obama. What people are blaming Obama for is not doing anything to fix Bush's bad policies. He did the TARP, which was Bush's policy. He stuck 40% tax cuts in a job creation bill; even Bush admitted tax cuts do not create jobs, so what were they doing in there? He's not doing anything to help people stave off medical bankruptcy or keep their homes. Face it, Paul: that's all on Obama.

No one forced Dear Barack to take this damn job. He didn't "inherit" it; he bought it for $800 million. The buck stops at Obama's desk. Paul Krugman used to know that, before the Lib-Be-Gone! kicked in.

My WTF-meter is at 11 these days.

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Krugman's bookmark,I quit watching TV 'News'. I highly recommend it for everyone.