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When the parasite kills the host

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Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke at work

CEO: Wal-Mart Shoppers 'Running Out Of Money'

On the same day that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced the economy continues to make a moderate recovery, Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke delivered a different assessment.

Wal-Mart customers, he said, are running out of money at a faster pace. He sees it in end-of-the-month sales figures, when sales drop off more sharply than in the past.

All the jobs have been moved to China. Nobody has any money and is living off of unemployment and food stamps.

So where is Mike Duke going to live after the bust out operation is complete?

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Submitted by cal1942 on

Duke has a clue that the reason their customers are running out of loot is the political support his firm's founding family's trust fund babies give to advance conservative policies.

Unregulated speculation, foolish trade agreements, etc., etc., etc. are causing Walmart's (everyone really) woes. Walmart sure as hell has done more than its share to offshore production.

Duke can only come up with gas prices (unregulated speculation) as the single cause of their thinned out eom numbers.

Impoverishing your customers via policies of greed is no way to keep the train on the tracks. They're too fucking stupid to get it.