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When Normalization Is Good – Meet The Mechanical Pot Dealer

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Because I’m already done with mourning Edwards, enough already, and because thanks to Dick Nixon and his heirs there are plenty of worthwhile battles to choose from, here’s a bit of creative thinking that deserves a smile and an Atta-boy if nothing else. Out here on the West Coast, where the future lies, one of our clever entrepreneurs has found a way to marry high-tech with common sense and compassion – medical marijuana from a vending machine.

(Hans Gutknecht-MediaNews Staff)

Vincent Mehdizaden runs a couple of medical pot shops, including Herbal Nutrition Center on La Cieniga in LA, and sometimes things get backed up at the counter. He decided it would be a benefit for those waiting in line if they had a machine to help out, so with some cash and a little ingenuity he bought and adapted a high-tech vending machine for the purpose. Buyers will be able to choose from five flavors; Platinum Kush, Fire O.G., Bubba Kush, Purple Kush and Wild Cherry.

[Used to date a stripper named Wild Cherry but nah, probably no connection; always kind of suspected that wasn’t her real name, anyway.]

The machine does have an aura of Big Brother about it, modern times and laws and whatnot, although no more so than the rules that govern all California pot clinics. Before it will kick out some weed the buyer has to swipe a data card, wait for a photo to be taken and present a fingertip to a print reader – all of which gets stored in a database. (That whole database business is why some people are sticking with the old-fashioned, support your locally grown free-lance businesspeople approach – or so I’ve heard.) The machine does have a limit of one o-z per week; shouldn’t be too much of a burden.

When we start seeing these things in Starbucks, that’ll be some real progress.

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