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When is the Guardian going to start that US edition?


Or the Independent. Or Le Monde. Because it seems like press and Bush regime Newspeak on Iraq is now complete. Anybody we fight or kill in Iraq is now called "Al Qaeda," which is the Big Lie the regime used to get us into Iraq in the first place.

It never ends, does it? It just gets worse and worse.

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I apologize that I've left the exact same comment elsewhere, but as far too many of you swallow Greenwald's falsehoods unquestioningly, I've got quite a few places where I need to reveal the truth.

Marshall and Greenwald are 100% wrong on the facts. And since you probably won't take my word for it, read the MNF-I press releases yourself.

Greenwald has long had a history of stretching the truth.

This time, he's lying, and making you out for fools in the process.

...OR rather than reading MNF-I press releases, OR listening to Greenwald, OR the mainstream press OR the US military officials public statements you could go to our film's website, and hear for yourself, and read what we found from ten months of reporting and interviewing people actively engaged in the fight against foreign troops in Iraq...they are overwhelmingly Iraqi, not Al Qaeda, and are religiously or secularly motivated nationalists fighting to free their country from occupation.