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When hippies really were hippies

"Now that we have attained control we must pull together as one -- like a twin!"

"In the beginning I wrote with ink made from parts of my own blood...."

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Submitted by caseyOR on

I remember it well. These guys were/are brilliant. They're still around, doing the occasional performance.

No mealy-mouthed veal pen commentary for these folks.

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Submitted by ms_xeno on

...whom I'm subjected to at work (death to "classic rock" stations!) complained that HE didn't think that Firesign is funny.

Yeah, Dude. I'm pretty sure they'd take that as a compliment if they knew. Can you please just go back to playing tapes of Mel Gibson's rage-du-jour and babbling about how it's evolution that makes dudes unable to stop staring at women's chests? Thanks so much.


Submitted by gob on

- like so much of FT, it is eerily prophetic except, unfortunately, for the punch line:

I as leader will use power like a drum and leadership like a violin. Pick out any idea, compare ideas, with the one idea left you have no doubt and without a doubt we have enthusiasm! [applause, shouting] Gentlemen, gentlemen, please, gentlemen, to make life whole! It's as easy as a bridge! [muttering] Gentlemen, now that we have attained control we must pull together as one, like a twin! And the prophecy of power as enthusiasm! All for one! [crowd: all for one!] And all for one! [crowd: and all for one!] Let me hear it for me! [crowd: You're under arrest!]

Submitted by mike flugennock on

...I became a hippie at the age of sixteen, in the early '70s. I helped sticker and leaflet my school for the Big "Nixon Eviction" mobilization.

I may be a bit young to have gotten in on the Summer Of Love, but I do my best to carry on the tradition.

Besides, I am old enough to remember the Firesign Theatre. Ahh, memories.