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When Andrew Cuomo Says You Can't Be Trusted ...

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At this week's meeting of the NAACP, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke about a decision he made last week to disallow local prosecutors handle cases where police officers have killed unarmed civilians (as USA Today reports:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered a fiery defense Wednesday of his decision to appoint a special prosecutor for police killings, saying a rash of recent incidents has created a "social schism that is breeding mistrust, disenfranchisement and alienation."
Last week, the Democratic governor issued an executive order removing local district attorneys from investigating and prosecuting police officers who kill unarmed civilians. It's caused a rift with law-enforcement unions and district attorneys, who have openly criticized Cuomo's decision, calling it "gravely flawed."

As recent events in Ferguson show, local prosecutors investigating such cases are an obvious conflict of interest. DAs rely on police to investigate the crimes they prosecute. Even if a police officer only kills a civilian out of necessity, the dead civilians family and friends are less likely to trust such a judgement coming from people who could be expected to be biased in that direction.

I think this was a good decision on Andrew Cuomo's part. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next year or two.


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Schneiderman is in charge of prosescution:

NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced the formation of a new Special Investigations and Prosecutions Unit to handle cases referred to the office of the Attorney General by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order requiring the Office of the Attorney General to investigate and, if warranted, prosecute cases where unarmed civilians die during interactions with law enforcement.

Schneiderman sold out to the banksters in the foreclosure crisis with the state attorney's setttlement. I have every confidence he will do the same here.