If you have "no place to go," come here!

What's up with The Intercept? Is it some kinda roach motel?

That weird Passover Day post from the newly-appointed editor John Cook was three weeks ago:

But you shouldn’t expect to be hearing from us on much aside from the very specific work of the documents, which is itself time-consuming and exacting, for some small, indeterminate, but discrete period of time as we get the site set up to operate for the long term.

OK, fine, but couldn't some kinda basic flow of blog posts have been produced? Every few days there's a post, meaning Greenwald's productivity has nose-dived. I saw the great Dan Froomkin over there, now nothing. Nothing from Marcy. Then there's Matt Taibbi. OK, so his venture hired Alex Pareene. Then again, The Intercept hired Greenwald, Marcy, and then Cook.

So the heavily involved Omidyar bought a big piano and thought that was the same as playing a Mighty Wurlitzer? WTF?