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What's "Up" with Carole King?

The transcript for this segment of MSNBC's "UP", I cannot access on my computer. The transcript does appear for the other segments including the next segment also featuring King in a discussion of TV political shows like "House of Cards", "The Newsroom" and "Veep".
King believes that Obama throwing chained CPI into the mix was a strategic move, you know, like 11th dimensiony chess because he is "a thoughtful person" and "he thinks things through".

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In the segment on TV shows King does describe herself as somewhat of a Pollyanna. I don't watch "Up" much unless there is something on other than an analysis of elections (Kornacki's main love), but I did find the segment on the TV shows actually quite thoughtful. Glynnis Macnicol, Jeff Smith and Shawna Thomas disagreed vehemently with host Kornacki and King on the depiction of Washington politics in "House of Cards" and all disliked "The Newsroom". I wish they had talked more about "Veep" for which Julia Louis Dreyfus, deservedly won the Emmy last night. King loved "Veep" because it really was just entertainment and "no way you thought it was true". I disagree. Good comedy has to be absolutely truthful but often exaggerated. The pettiness and dufusness of the characters on "Veep" are highly believable to me. Here is that segment. There are several other segments on this discussion immediately preceding this one on the "UP" website.

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