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What's holding the so-called 'left' back?

With all the hoopla people have been subjected to ,including court cases, regarding Obama's birth certificate, why oh why aren't the klaxons sounding about Romney's likely inability to run for the Presidency?

"No one who has received amnesty for a serious crime, such as tax evasion, can be president. "

Yet, it cannot be told with any certainty that Romney did NOT receive amnesty for tax evasions.

Not until he releases all his returns going back to 2002. And his wife says that just isn't going to happen.

So where are the lawsuits claiming Rmoney isn't eligible to run for the Presidency?

Where besides here is there any media calling out this possible ineligibility?

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Submitted by chadwick newsome on

The 'left' can't sue because of the quote marks. Also, the 'left' doesn't care a fig about the incumbent. As to the media, need we even ask?