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What would reparations look like?

Like lambert ...

I wonder what 40 acres and a mule would be, compounded, to pick the starting point if the country had managed to do Reconstruction right by doing land reform instead of wage labor and then sharecropping.

... I sometimes find myself starting at 40 acres and a mule and projecting forward.

But doing that kind of "what if" over that many years strikes me as a PhD dissertation and this is only a blog post, so I'm going to hold off on that for right now. And since this is a blog post, crowdsourcing is allowed, so ...

What should reparations should look like?

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Submitted by lambert on

... you're opening the door to various kinds of reparations: For Native Americans, for example. Working class people, for example. Women, for example. I'm sure a big death tally could be worked up for all these categories. I'm not sure where it ends, but those are the places to begin.

As I said, I'm inclined to fold it into the basic income guarantee. I don't know who to do the formula, but presumably somebody can figure that out. I'd combine it with some sort of Truth and Reconciliation Commission to get the history on record. A subcommittee could work out the detail. If people want to treat their reparations as a collective form of capital rather than income, maybe they can direct it to some sort of umbrella body, or stash it in the Post Office bank or something in a collective account.

Submitted by hipparchia on

If people want to treat their reparations as a collective form of capital rather than income,

an interesting idea. what if they'd like to do that but the basic income isn't big enough for them to both survive and have enough left over to contribute to a collective fund?

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...with him(Coates)?
All of the hyperbole, and laudatory bullshit will last about a week before it's buried in the archives of empire. Empire that wants nothing of the past, to smear it's new view of the future; its future by design to bury the past.
Coates wrote a masterpiece of historic relevance; but not what the collective *we* want to face, much less redress.

Submitted by lambert on

The Coates article says $40 billion a year, IIRC. That seems to be to be a fleabite, even if we accept that all spending is funded by taxes, which I don't.

So unless I hear otherwise, I'm going to assume that number, and combine it with something like a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the Sins of Empire" to get the other form of reparation "on the table." (I understand about language and land and not money; that's what the Penobscots opted for here.) For money, a top-up on the basic income guarantee would seem like a reasonable implementation. We have the Commission, as a concept, to do implementation.

Submitted by hipparchia on

So unless I hear otherwise, I'm going to assume that number

1. why would you assume anything? 2. you are going to hear otherwise, from me, at least.

Submitted by lambert on

... at least twice, and got no answer on an issue that I had assumed was important to you.

I'm a blogger. I blog about stuff. It would be nice to have some sort of idea where my suggestion was on the spectrum of "Hell no" through "reasonable" to "Yes," since that would help prevent me some saying something dumb, or, alternatively to push the idea.

Submitted by lambert on

You don't have to breathe that oxygen if you don't want to, right? Unlike [whine].

Still waiting for an answer on where I am on that spectrum. If that's the wrong spectrum, pick your own! Think of it as a ballpark figure. I'm not asking you to write a post.

Adding, I don't mean to sound irritable. I am not irritated by you.