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What the world needs is more cute pictures of cats

But I don't have any!


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Submitted by Bryan on

Here's one of the feral kittens around my place:

Friday Cat Blogging

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Submitted by Zero on

That's a cool picture. Chillin' on the woodpile.

Our woodpiles are fertile hunting grounds for mice & rats. I even see the rabbits dart in there when being chased.

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Submitted by Bryan on

If you look closely to the left of Sleepy's head you can just make out Pita getting ready to launch an all-out attack that will be totally ignored.

Sleepy takes sleeping seriously and will not respond to such things when sleeping.

Cats are weird. ;)

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Submitted by carissa on

I brought her home in my purse. 2002 - Baby Maya

Baby Maya

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Submitted by carissa on

Maya at about three months with our old lady, Missy.

Maya and Missy

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

my boi:

my grrl:

and for diversity's sake, my new puppy:

they are all total camera lovers and constantly pose for me when i'm trying to take garden/flower shots. hams, every one.

Submitted by gob on

Is anyone else getting these wacked-out links that would work, except that some fantastic piece of software seems to have inserted "555-5555" into them?

Submitted by lambert on

There's no way for me to look into this without some indication of where this happening.

I do want to filter on tinyurls, because they break the web (as one might expect from a libertarian)*, but I wanted 666 not 555. Kidding!

NOTE * To be fair, as of 2007. If anybody knows differently today, please comment.

UPDATE Looks like the filter I used to try to kill 'em off is buggy I hate TinyURLs even more now J)

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Submitted by TaosJohn on

I don't even use Flickr. I just linked to one of the zillions of images on my own servers.

But I REALLY LIKE gob's signature about Dems and the roach motel. :-)

Submitted by lambert on

This is a test.

Submitted by lambert on

I don't see them on this thread.

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Submitted by carissa on

Cuz I haz cute kittehs.

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Submitted by ms_xeno on

Devil cat! (Felis catus diabolus)

Butterscotch the Evil!


May 2010 002

The Sid!

(Note: These pics have appeared at The Dreaded Orange Site, I suppose. My husband, for reasons that I don't understand even after a kajillion years of togetherness, still thinks the place is worth his time. It's not my fault.)

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

and i'm sure it's all due to the age of my machine and lack of the most up to date software, but...

i've loaded this thread four or five times now, having switched back to my mac after posting on my PC. every single time i load the thread, a different set of pictures goes to that little blue "?" box. sometimes i can see maya and missy etc., sometimes i can't. same with my own pics.

i iz dum and don't understand komputerz at all.

Submitted by lambert on

With a buggy module I disabled.

I just cleared Drupal's cache; try clearing your own browser's cache and let me know if the problem persists.

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Submitted by Zero on

My Rat Terrier. He catches rats and mice around our yard. He leaves the birds alone and is constantly outwitted by the squirrels. Perfect dog in my book.


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Submitted by chicago dyke on

-CD's dog

/translation: oh, what an adorable rat terrier! i haz a sad now, he reminds me of my lost brother/

my dog is a rescue, and his former family included three of those. so adorable. he thanks you for the pic.

cache cleared, problem solved, lb.

Submitted by PA_Lady on

Also known as "world's most terrified dog." He's afraid of the dark, spiders, grass, snow, and blue blankets. He enjoys eating unattended remotes and cell phones. He believes my son's bed is his, and that he's being nice by sharing it with Ryan. He also thinks he's a lap dog.

Behind him is Teddy, my other son's dog. Teddy thinks he's a Rottie. Teddy eats shoes. Usually mine. Teddy is evil.