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What the White House thinks

Versailles pool-boy Ezra Klein carries a little more water:

But that's really what's left. A relatively small increase in subsidies. A relatively small increase in funding. And some way to crack the question of the public option.

You know what I think?

I think the real problem with the "public option" is that it doesn't leave any real room for compromise. How about we have a "public option option"?

NOTE Via Susie.

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"Olympia Snowe's trigger is raising some eyebrows, but it's conceivable that some form of a trigger could attract enough votes for a compromise. The White House is going to put a lot of muscle behind securing her support."

I noticed a front page post at dkos yesterday panning the commercial against Snowe, and saying go after the blue dogs instead. Uh huh.

This plan sucks.

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... a trigger could initiate a tiny, ineffectual "public plan"!

Holy cow, I can't even imagine such a world of change! It's like an acid flashback, man!

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Mike Lux:

Some senior White House staffers are now beginning to try to sell this trigger to progressive groups as the compromise version of a public option.

How compromised can a policy get? Just wait, they're not done!

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Can't see the forest for the trees. Or, too busy looking at leaves he can't see the tree. Or, too busy looking at the leaves he doesn't see the fall colors. Whatever.

If you see what I mean. Of course I would welcome better metaphors than these not so original ones on my part.

Hmmm... somehow I just thought about the image of the turds that won't flush, but dunno where to take that one! ;)

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and I didn't even try to go with the "pool-boy" thing, but I have to say that I rather enjoyed that reference from Lambert. Maybe I shoulda gone that route. :)

Hmmm.... I'll have to check to see if "pool-boy" is in the Corrente list of terms.

If not, perhaps it needs to be added.

edit added: nope, pool boy is not in the Corrente lexicon.


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pool boys are useful, wonderful things. A hot young man coming by your chaise to clean your sunglasses and bring you a drink is not something to be derided. It is something to be celebrated. I'm just sayin'.

None of which has anything to do, of course, with Ezra Klein.

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eom or n/t or whatever