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What we talk about when we talk about race

Avedon brings... Well, a little light, as opposed to heat, to the supposed racism of some in the Clinton campaign that had some of the OFB heading for the fainting couch, clutching Obama's halo. (Wow. LBJ got civil rights legislation passed, knowing it was the right thing, and knowing it would totally fuck his own party for generation. That denigrates MLK how? Sheesh.)

OTOH, as Avedon says, she's from the North, and I'm a WASP so far North that I consider DC southern. Eh? Maybe there's something I'm missing? Check the post out and say what's what.

Because if there's any place that we can have a passionate, honest, analytical -- and angry and misunderstanding-filled, as befits the topic -- thread on race, it's here.

OTOH, maybe we're all talked out on this. For now. Over to you.

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about race.' i know a lot of the time, i'm talking past people, my friends and allies, and i offend them. i don't mean to, most of the time, i just have this perspective that makes it hard for me to understand certain priorities, or for me to make clear why i have mine.

i hate spats like these, i despise the media that focuses upon them, i'm annoyed by people who take them seriously, for christ's sake what about the fucking issues, yo?

this 'controversy' is less than nothing to me, i haven't talked about it much and i will think about it even less. policy side by side policy: who has proposed, voted upon, and passed more legislation that helps black people? isn't that the important question?

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With the exception of Shaheen (fired and direct apology from Clinton) and supporters Kerrey and Johnson (both apologized), the charges against the Clintons were baseless--honestly.

Bill Moyers on the MLK/LBJ "controversy:"

Here's the basic rundown of all the false accusations, including my very favorite, "fairy tale:"

And the previous poster was right: "spadework" is a mainstream term in politics.

What's amazing about all this was the glaring double standard. Clinton is skewered for what her supporters say and yet Obama was the one who sent out Jesse Jackson, Jr.--his national co-chair--to launch a bizarre, racially charged attack on Clinton the day after NH:

His supporter, Michael Eric Dyson, made outrageous remarks insisting that any criticism of Obama was indirectly racist and then implied that Clinton voters were likely racist to explain how Obama could've lost NH when there not even any evidence of a Bradley Effect.

Obama neither apologized for either nor did he fire Jackson (Background: he didn't fire anyone over D-Punjab or renounce the support of McClurkin). What I never understood about the "pattern" theory was that if Obama was hurt by all this (i.e. being seen as the "black" candidate) why did he send out Jackson, refuse to defuse tension from the beginning as he did with Biden, and have his office create a SC primary memo listing false charges of racism?

The worst part of last week: I actually felt compelled to defend not one, but two Clintons. Ugh. Like it mattered: What "He invented the Internet" was/is to Gore, "She dissed MLK" and "Racist!" now is to Sen. Clinton. Thanks corporate press hellbent on destroying democracy!

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I don't even like Hillary all that much. I mean, she doesn't torture small animals, like so many Republicans, so it's going to very easy to vote for her in the general, but still, I'm not enthuastic about her.

But what the press was doing to her was so vile, and Obama was leveraging Hillary Hatred and playing the press so skilfully, that I felt I just had to defend her. Sheesh, what a dynamic.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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I agree about the dynamic: corporate press launches misogynistic and generic anti-Clinton attacks against said corporate Democrat who's just fine with aggressive war in order to prop up another corporate-owned Democrat with right-wing tendencies who loves Reagan. Oh, and that progressive Democrat that you just love? Yeah, he totally ignored, unless the corporate press decides to mock him for kicks.

Just. Perfect.

I can't stand defending the Clintons. And yet I fear that's what I'll keep doing as the viciousness and general WTF-uckness goes into overdrive. I reached a low point when I got into an online shouting match...on YouTube. I hang my head in shame. Shame!

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Now we can't use "spadework" anymore, because it's been tagged, even if wrongly.

Maybe "clubwork" would be better. I do some of my best work with clubs, especially with baby... Well, let's not go there. My understanding is that generationally-based commentary only works in one direction. Sorry.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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and nor should we! Spadework in the gardening or crop-preparation sense has little if anything to do with race (my mother and grandfather both instructed me, and I'm so white I glow in the dark) but it has much to do with class.

Republicans are above spadework.

They have employees (*cough* aka wage slaves) to do that for them. The same is true of some of our media elites -- do you suppose, for example, that Matthews, O'Reilly, or Couric don't have drivers, personal shoppers, maids at their homes? And if as is typical of such persons, they "contract the service," do you suppose the work is actually always done by a US citizen, vetted for birth certificate, valid Social Security card, etc.? (I don't, but then I'm prejudiced -- which I freely admit.)

The desire of all wannabe Presidents is not to have to do their own digging. They want to "have people for that." It's what made the H&R Block tax ads so successful last year, from the Super Bowl to mid-April, when it sank tracelessly (and it will likely be resurrected this year).

Hence the popularity of "the network."

What I'm trying to say here is we all want to feel we are CEO of something, and with $4-a-gallon gas and $1,000-a-month insurance premiums (I'm pro-rating my car insurance into that, but I only have the mandatory minimum liability), many Americans with or without balloon mortgages are finding it harder and harder to survive -- especially without having to do some of our own spadework.

So let us not surrender an accurate and useful descriptive word for the muck-and-muscle of daily life to the elitist and racist and classist piracy of the media, please.

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