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What the Saudi King Said: Juan Cole's Observations

I was waiting to see what Juan Cole had to say about this matter from yesterday, as he is The Source on the ins and outs of politics in this entire region. He did not let me down:

King Abdullah followed up on these harsh criticisms of the US by cancelling his planned appearance at a White House dinner in April. The Saudi royal family is fit to be tied that Bush gave Iraq away to fundamentalist Shiite parties that have close ties to Iran.

Although the Saudi statement is remarkable for its brutal frankness and coldness toward the United States, its real significance is its slam of the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. Abdullah has not only said that the US presence is an illegal occupation, he has said that the al-Maliki government is nothing more than Shiite sectarian hegemony. The Saudis are known for their behind the scenes diplomacy and their public discretion. King Abdullah is hopping mad, to talk this way.

It augurs ill for US-Saudi relations. Abdullah is also angry that Bush is letting the Palestine issue fester and that he pushed for open Palestinian elections but then cut off the Hamas government once it was elected. Abdullah thinks Bush is pursuing irrational policies, the effect of which is to destabilize the Middle East. He is so angry that he sounds a bit like Iraqi Sunni fundamentalist leader Harith al-Dhari, who is connected in some shadowy way with the Sunni guerrillas fighting the US. (See the interview, below).

This is very, very bad. Worse than I thought even. This was not a "sources close to the Saudi king say that he is peeved..." blah blah leaked report. This is His Majesty his ownself in a very public forum speaking to the world.

Wonder why the DC press corps is not all over this? Why is it not the top headline on every paper? Oh yeah...them damn :::crickets::: must be making too much racket. Where de missing white women at?

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You know the media can't say bad things about Friends Of George (Both The Elder and The Lesser, in this case). Gosh, it's so sad when two families that have done so much to enrich each other over the years fall out, and it's just not "civil" to report such things in newspapers or on television.

After all, they're slicing open America's Rose - that's something we all can get behind, not the saud, er, sad tale of two hand-holding families falling out. We must leave them to their private grief.

You just can't look through the F.O.G. (Friends of George).

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"Wonder why the DC press corps is not all over this?"

Not any more, no. I've stopped wondering why the DC press corps is not all over ... all these stories that they steadfastly ignore. Or worse, pretend to know about -- but what they say they know consistently turns out to be the opposite of the actual facts.

As far as I can see, they're DC press corps is not all over it because the majority are lazy, a fair number are conscious liars, and its most prominent members are filthy rich and don't really give a rat's shiny pink ass about the "other" 99.9% of us.

The DC press corps at "work":

"We didn't look into the so-called Downing Street Minutes because after all the other stories we didn't look into, the Downing Street Minutes really didn't add any new perspective."

"The Amercan peepul will be angry if the Demcrats investgate Karl Rove's invovement in the firing of the US Attorneys."

"Hey Colin ... check out my new Maserati!"

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Everything the criminals in the WH touch is tarnished by it.