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What the Howler said

Speaking of outrage fatigue and our famously free press: The Howler so gets it, and puts our current plight the simplest and starkest possible terms:

Yes, they’re not unlike a mafia. They’re a small, inept, intermarried group who have somehow gained control of a major industry. They’re dumb as rocks—but they’re in control. They have no plan to give up their power. (No wonder they love The Sopranos!)

So, we already know what to expect in 2008:

Quoting the great Gene Lyons:

The Republican nominee will be a virile, decisive straight-shooter who’s one hundred percent “authentic” and “comfortable in his own skin.” The Democrat will be an indecisive phony, uncertain of his/her identity, but willing to strike any pose, or pander to any constituency in a self-serving bid for power.

Why would anybody pay money to read this drivel?

Oh wait... They're not. Yet somehow, Our Betters can't figure out that people aren't buying newspapers because there isn't any news in them. But by the time the Press Lords have run their industry--and our democracy---into the ground, they'll be rich from skimming the take and safely retired.

NOTE Of course, there are some honorable, and exceptional, reporters who aren't "made." But exceptional is exactly what they are.

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