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What is so surprising about this????

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Surprising support: 6 of 10 DFL candidates for governor back single-payer state health plan

Why is this surprising? The late Paul Wellstone sponsored single payer legislation at the federal level. Al Franken campaigned in a promise to support single payer.

The only surprise is that there are DFL candidates who do not support single payer.

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Even though Matt Entenza doesn't support Marty's plan he DOES support Medicare for All, so despite Eric Black's formulation, I would say Entenza is also for single-payer. That makes seven.


I believe that what we need is Medicare for all. Medicare today isn't perfect - with the federal government we need to ensure it is properly funded - but we need coverage for all. Medicare has worked for our seniors and the disabled, and it creates the roadmap for a secure health care future for all Minnesotans.

FYI, the only viable Minnesota gubernatorial candidates are R.T. Rybak and Matt Entenza. They are the only ones who have both the ability to raise funds and are realistic contenders (sorry Mark Dayton, you are not a realistic contender). Though I prefer Entenza, Rybak would have to be considered the favorite.