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What Side Dish Will You Bring to the Party?

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CNN has this report:

"I love the people of America. It's the government I hate. Tell the American people that we received their gift. The missile that they gave to Israel - we have received it, and this is the result," he says, motioning to the coffins.

For a government to continually insist that civilians aren't targeted during bombing runs, that they are unintended collateral damage, is like blowing up the potato salad at the bbq but claiming you only wanted to blast the cole slaw. Someone should have moved the potato salad, gosh darn it. Besides, the potato salad was merely shielding the cole slaw anyway and deserved its fate. Regardless of the rationalizations, there is now potato salad everywhere but in the bowl on the table. Blowing up people brings on a similar effect. Only with more blood.

To honor the carnage that continues in the Middle East, from Baghdad to Beirut, open a nice frosty can of Lone Star and tell Bush you're thinking about him. And pray that the meat on the grill is not from the child who was standing near the condiments.


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