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What Riverdaughter said: Why people hate ObamaCare

Great extended riff. I'm sure she's nailed it.

You see a lot better when you're downwardly mobile. And RiverDaughter had pretty sharp eyes to begin with.

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Any time you enter a deal in which the terms are complicated and murky, you have to assume that the complication and murk was put in there to benefit those who had power over the terms of the deal, and not to benefit you. All these deals are presented as take it or leave it. Now add to that reasonable suspicion the awareness that you are being forced by the government to take the deal - accepting either one murky, horrifically complicated offer or another one, equally obscure and laced with fine print. After a while, you're apt to feel like you're being swindled, because you are. Whatever benefit -if any- you ever derive from this arrangement will have certainly cost you a multiple of what it should have, or would have cost in a non-corrupt system.

Obamacare is like forcing everyone to buy health care coverage for themselves and their families from a mafia run Vegas casino. Your choice is limited to which casino and mafia family you'll pay your premiums to. The casino exists to funnel money into the pocket of the don, first, last and always. It makes no pretense to the contrary in its description of itself. Only the government pretends that the casino exists to help prospectively sick or injured persons, and so it demands you enter into commerce with one casino or another. All such a "choice" is worth comes down to this: if you are unhappy with how it all works out and you express your disappointment, you'll be blamed by liberal and conservative alike for having made "an obviously poor choice." (The Market didn't fail you, you failed yourself and have only yourself to blame.) Every now and then on the floor you hear a slot pay off for some lucky punter - but he'll have gone through buckets of change that you never saw. Most everyone else in view is a loser getting sheared by the croupier about as fast as they can physically pull cash out of their wallets. The difference between Obamacare and mob run casinos is that nobody forces the gamblers to walk into the casino and empty their pockets.

Like in the Godfather, Obamacare is the model of what racketeers down through time have always wanted: partnership with a friendly government. It may be the first public-private partnership for piracy in America, but it won't be the last.

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Health insurance vs Health care. Same old same old. Riverdaughter shouldn't have to waste her prodigious talents on this.

And if we had a rational health care system? This wouldn't be a question.