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What Riverdaughter said

The art of snark is not dead, but liveth:

Let’s just get that out of the way. I don’t give a rat’s ass what Michelle is wearing. I can’t stand her accent where it sounds like she has a thick glob of postnasal ooze in the back of her nasal cavity that she has to stopper off with a kegelesque constriction of her uvula. Michelle Obama chose to give working women the finger when she voluntarily assumed the mantle of stay at home mommy and wife who doesn’t really have an opinion about anything because someone *might* accuse her of being angry, thereby exacerbating the cultural stereotypes that keep women from succeeding in the workplace. No, I judge her by the standards of my local upper middle class suburban environment. Personally, I find women like her booooooooring as all get out. That’s as far as my personal feelings for Michelle go. She has mass and she takes up space and that’s about it.

Nothing personal!

Here's what I'm wondering:

Will Michelle, in her speech tonight, mention that her father was a precinct caption for Mayor Richard Daley, the guy who unleashed the cops on the protesters at the Chicago Convention in 1968, and got caught on national TV yelling "Kike!" at then-Senator Abraham Ribicoff?

I'm guessing no.

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Submitted by hipparchia on

that sounds more like obama derangement syndrome to me.

Submitted by lambert on

... like I do (except when my diabetes is acting up....).

I view this post as a useful corrective to Michelle's hyper-saccharine job of self-selling. (And also for the way she airbrushes her familly's part in Richard Daley's machine.)

I like the White House garden, because gardens and food are important, so good for her for doing that.

Not a post I would have written, but I suppose I can enjoy a seeing a well-delivered kick in the stones every so often.

Submitted by hipparchia on

a well-delivered kick in the stones

michelle obama deserves vilification because she makes a saccharine speech and doesn't apologize for something the mayor of her city did when she was four years old. alrighty then.

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Submitted by okanogen on

To Vilify:

1. To lower in estimation or importance.

2. To utter slanderous and abusive comments against: DEFAME

Oh my! Heaven forbid we ever share our personal dislike for a public figure. The vapors, I declare I feel them coming on!

I don't like Michelle Obama either, or the phony Cookie-baker in Chief act that she rode in on. I don't like that she publicly subsumed her professional career to her husband, in order to show a "typical female role model" (as much as or more than Laura Bush). I don't like the way she handled herself in 2008 using the uppity bitch tropes against (yes) HRC*, and I don't like how she has continued that phony act since. I don't like her bullshit school lunch program. Like RD, I don't like her voice, I don't like her delivery, and I don't like that they are cynically trotting her out to explain the "great man's" many accomplishments as "the kinder, gentler" side of her drone-killing husband, as a prophylactic to excuse attacks on his record as attacks on poor, helpless Michelle.

Fuck that, and fuck her, and fuck all of 'em.

Seriously, read that NYT article and you will learn everything you need to know about this douche nozzle, and everything you need to know about somebody who is proud to brush the lint off his jacket.

I don't often agree with RD actually (see below), but I'm just fine with this post. Maybe some here are letting their personal dislike of RD get in the way?

*I know it is pointless to do so, but I will anyway, and point out this isn't a screechy Hillary holdout thing, because the hell with Hillary Rodham Clinton too. She had her chance to change things and decrease the murders. Just another part of the problem.

Submitted by hipparchia on

not likely. and as long as we're getting personal: me me me me me

shorter lambert: i hate richard daley the elder so i'm going to point and laugh and applaud because someone is making fun of michelle obama's voice.

there are a number of things wrong with lambert's top post, but i responded to only two of them.

the paragraph that lambert quoted and that riverdaughter wrote comes across, in isolation, as either obama derangement syndrome or pure meanness. given what i know of both lambert and rd from their writings, i thought it was more likely ods than meanness, but i admit it was almost a coin toss.

i'm with ian, the left must take down obama from the left. helping rabidly far-right winger michelle malkin spew her obama hatred by propagating the 'michelle obama's daddy was an evil machine politician' non-story is not a win.

Submitted by lambert on

To respond to the substantive point:

Clue stick: If Michelle Malking says its raining, look out the window. But that doesn't mean it isn't raining.

Hey, listen, I'm sure if Michelle Obama doesn't want to talk about her family's history in politics there's a very good reason for it. Oddly, or not, none is ever supplied when I ask for it. What does happen -- here and elsewhere -- is my question gets rephrased as a demand for an apology which I didn't make. Lotta projection going on here, but it's not from me, and it's not my problem.

Submitted by hipparchia on

projection? don't be stupid.

I'm sure if Michelle Obama doesn't want to talk about her family's history in politics there's a very good reason for it. Oddly, or not, none is ever supplied when I ask for it.

oddly enough, in one of my original comments in this very thread, just such a reason as you demand was supplied to you. but apparently you chose to not follow the link, read the linked post, and think on it.

and it's not my problem.

if i were the only one making that inference after reading your post, then you might have a case here. it wouldn't be the first time i was the only one in the crowd marching to the beat of an imaginary drummer. otoh, if enough other people are making roughly the same inference i am, then maybe your writing, or your thinking, or both needs improving. in which case it's not my problem after all.

Submitted by lambert on

I just wasted my time reading Ian's post, which isn't new to me, naturally. Please show me where what he says supports your point; he talks about the left in terms of policies and solutioms, not in terms of distortions by omission in political celebrity bios.

Your argument is that if a right winger makes a true argumnt or even asks a reasonable question, it's ruled out of bounds for the left. That's the stupidest idea I've heard in some time. Sorry, I don't even read Malkin, and I'm not going to start now, especially so I can appropriately censor myself for thought crime.

My suggestion? Stop reading her. Why are you even giving her hits?

Submitted by lambert on

I should go to a secondary source to censor myself? Sorry I didn't imagine you had an even worse idea than reading the original.

Submitted by hipparchia on


Submitted by hipparchia on

you said you've been asking for someone to supply you with a good reason for michelle obama's reluctance to talk about her father's place in the daley machine. you might actually find one that you consider "good" if you were to read the post. or not.

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Submitted by okanogen on

if you don't?

And yes, it's the worst thing in the world to be "mean" to a public figure. Goodness gracious, can't have that. Roll eyes. I recall a lot of people insulting Bush's "nuckular"isms and fake-cracker Texas drawl bullshit. Is that "mean" too? Insulting Cheney's insufferable smugness also out? Too "mean"? As for RD's piece, I read it as someone who doesn't like a certain kind of professional upper-middle class management housewife who defers to their husband. I don't like them either. They are boring, and I don't like her (or her husband's) voice either.

I don't agree with propogating right-wing tropes, but how is objecting to right-wing Dem machine politics a right-wing meme? Just because Michelle Malkin mentions it? A broken clock is still right twice a day. Even a pig can dig up an acorn. Etc. etc..

This isn't a post I would have been all that interested in making, but it's not the end of the world either.

They don't like Michele Obama. So fucking what?

Submitted by hipparchia on

i did not read riverdaughter's post. i am not going to read riverdaughter's post. i am not interested in anybody else's take on michelle obama's speech. i am criticizing what LAMBERT posted here in this top post. if shakespeare himself had written that paragraph that LAMBERT quoted, or if my cats had galloped across my keyboard and magically produced that paragraph that LAMBERT quoted, my objections to LAMBERT'S post would still be exactly the same.

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Submitted by okanogen on

LAMBERT'S "top" post was almost entirely a link and quote of Riverdaughter's.

Obviously there are other issues going on here.

I'm out.

Submitted by lambert on

Why do you think it's there?

I just think her airbrushing her highly political family out of her bio is weird.

Don't you think it's weird?

This is very and uncharacteristically sloppy posting. Michelle tends to induce that in a lot of people, if my Facebook comments are any guide. We've been to that movie before, and it didn't end well.

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Submitted by Cleaver on

Riverdaughter may have lately grasped that the delegates and superdelegates to the Democratic National Convention are not going to turn about and draft Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2012, as Riverdaughter has been demanding they do for some weeks. As a proud member of the Shrieking Band of Paranoid Holdouts, I am upset that Riverdaughter is giving me a bad name.

Submitted by cg.eye on

Because if one read just a couple of paragraphs below that snark, one would find a comprehensive and astute performance review of Obama and his administration. And say what you will about the Madame Secretary, at least the hate so many have for her would have prevented four years of an administration feeding off the fumes of hope-and-change, without demanding she keep her campaign promises, lest she get abandoned to the GOP wolves, as Dems did with her DH.

As for Ms. R-D, one cannot say she has no skin in the game -- her brother's in Afghanistan and somehow she manages to Obama's record as C-I-C. She assumes that since we elected him, he works for us, and that he has to at least mean any shift to the left in his election rhetoric, through meaningful pre-election actions, before he can rest assured he'll sit in that chair again in February.

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Submitted by Cleaver on

And I did read the whole thing. I actually agree with the analysis of Mr. Obama's performance. I am second to none in my outrage over the toxic DNC dereliction of May 31, 2008. And yet somehow I do not spend my days demanding that Hillary Clinton be drafted as the Democratic presidential nominee for 2012. The more fool I, it seems. (Add that to paranoid, shrieking, holdout, etc.)

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Submitted by Cleaver on

is fucking brilliant (from today's post on MO's speech):

That man is never going to see again. He’s not going to see a Van Gogh blue sky on a summer day. He’s not going to see his kids’ faces. He’s not going to know how much money he has in his wallet without help. He’s going to wake up in the dark for the rest of his life. That man is trying to give meaning to a loss from a now meaningless war while government contractors lobby Congress to keep the damn thing going.

I think your broccoli needs weeding. You may leave now.

Submitted by hipparchia on

would wkls please return him? this one really has been spouting an awful lot of rightwing talking points in recent months. "fraser robinson was a richard daley precinct captain and therefore everybody named obama is corrupt" appears to be a michelle malkin special.

Submitted by lambert on

I can't imagine why Michelle Obama doesn't mention her father handled the walking around money for the guy who yelled "Kike!" at Abraham Ribicoff during the police riot at the DNCon in 1968 where his thugs beat up a ton of protesters, a few newpersons, and (I actually saw this on TV live) a priest in robes.

Can you? I mean, she must have a good reason ALWAYS to mention the water works job her father had and NEVER to mention his job in Daley's machine. But what could it be?

Clue stick: If Michelle Malking says its raining, look out the window. But that doesn't mean it isn't raining.

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

"The Obama campaign has even put out a misleading bio of Michelle Obama, representing her as having grown up in poverty on the South Side, when, in fact, her parents were city workers, and her father was a Daley machine precinct captain. This fabrication, along with those embroideries of the candidate’s own biography, may be standard fare, the typical log cabin narrative. However, in Obama’s case, the license taken not only underscores Obama’s more complex relationship to insider politics in Daley’s Chicago; it also underscores how much this campaign depends on selling an image rather than substance."

(From this article)

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Submitted by a little night ... on

(and doesn't that drive me crazy!)

But seriously... what happened to me in 2008 was that I learned that the system doesn't care what We The People think (kinda knew that, but it took "wwtsbq" to drive it in as I thought that we had all agreed that what was wrong in 1968 was "not enuf Democracy") - and also I learned that making fun of Bush II because of his occasional malapropisms, while fun, was at best a distraction and at worst, well...

I don't do political comment that way any more. And I'm a person who once said, "If you can't make fun of the POTUS, it's not a democracy."

Which I still believe, fwiw.

I just think that sinking to criticizing on the basis of voice, word choice, hair, ... is something I can't do anymore. It so much does not matter.

OTOH, M O obliterated me as a working Mom. Frak her!