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What Riverdaughter said

This Cruikshank piece got a lot of play recently. Well, er:

If people like Cruikshank want to win next year, they’d be better off losing the fricking labels and hire the best man or woman for the job to handle a very tough economic environment. Cornell West academic types are abandoning the party. Unions are abandoning the party. Regular working and middle class people who got royally screwed by the Obama contingent in 2008 have already left. If all that remains are two clueless contingents with tunnel vision who think they are fighting for the same territory, than the party is in worse shape than I thought. No amount of coalition building is going to help a party that leaves most of its base, and the vast majority of voters it needs to win, out of the negotiations.

The only thing the vast majority want to hear about in the next 18 months is what are the candidates going to do about unemployment. Anything else is a distraction.

Well, it depends on what you mean by "help." Certainly our current institutional arrangements help Ds get jobs on K Street or at the banks, so what's not to like?