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What passes for pro-democracy in Syria

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Why is the US backing anti-Christian extremists in Syria?

Take a look at this video and ask yourself what are the chances that five years from now the people in this film are flying airplanes into American office buildings.

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I mean, I want to you give the benefit of the doubt DCBlogger because I love your posts, but that post as it stands reads (and the video you link to, sans transcript or context) racist. They just look like regular militants to me, hiding their identities. Am I reading that on Corrente? Don't we have a standard of providing some level of proof here?

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were those regular militants? and what is a regular militant? no, it is not satire. I think we are backing horrible people in Syria and it is going to come back to bite us just the way backing the mujadeen in Afghanistan came back to bite us. These are bad people.

How is it racist? Those Christians in Syria are Arab. They were Christians when my ancestors were still running around in animal skins. The so-called democratic opposition in Syria are Islamic zealots who will destroy the Christian community in Syria. They are bad people.

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...before you spout such views. If you aren't listening to the Western Media Spin, you'd see that Assad is fanning the flames of sectarian war himself

Sources in the opposition say that the regime is trying to prevent the country's Christians from joining the ranks of the popular movement, because then its claims of protecting the country's minorities will no longer be viable. The regime is playing the sectarian card, opposition sources say, in an attempt to forestall revolution. Al-Assad's appointment of a Christian minister of defence is part of a ploy intended to convince Christians to continue to support the regime.

See also here: for more proof, and this notice by the Syrian Revolution 2011, which boasts more than 120,000 followers

“Jesus Christ rejected injustice , hatred and sin and brought a new revolution of human and spiritual values and human dignity ” the appeal said and added “We as Christians , Sunni Muslims, Alawites, Druze , Shiites, Arabs and Kurds , it is our duty to revolt in the face of Baathist vampires”

The appeal added: We hope our Christian brothers will bring olive branches , crosses and Syrian flags this Good Friday and join the ranks of the people who want to wrest freedom from the brutal regime ”

Assad's last chance to hold onto power is to claim he will act as the protector of minorities, including the Alawite (of which he is one) and the christians. But that's clearly not the case. And while their may be anti-christian elements in the uprising, its far from intellectually honest of you to paintbrush the whole uprising as such.

Btw, it's spelled mujahideen. And how is that even geographically or contextually relevant here except to further prove my point that you are at the very least, unconsciously pushing that all islamic militant uprising are the same?

And as far as the original point goes, the only way you got from 'hey! Look at these militants in this video!" to "Guess when they are going to re-enact 9/11?!!!" is through a huge step into fantasy that required racist islamophobia. The video shows militants doing a military training exercise while being videotaped, so of course they are going to wear something to mask their identity, lest they or their families be targeted. the only thing that ties them to Al-Aqaeda, is that they are chanting in arabic and have brown skin. So, yeah, what you said, and your clarification was patently racist.

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Submitted by sanskavit on

Nice of you to scapegoat me because the 'analytical density' you are so proud of in your posters fell short for once, and someone called you on it.


I guess I can save a good 20-30mins a day not read the site any more.