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What New Yorkers Say

From the NY Daily News live blog:

He's Johnny Rabuse, 50, of Brooklyn, a construction worker who joined the movement on its first day, and always comes after work. Here's what he had to say to our reporter Kerry Wills:

"I think Michael Bloomberg overstepped his bounds by arresting a Daily News reporter and other reporters, and not allowing the media to cover us from the air."

"I believe we have to take the money out of government. Our government is bought and paid for by the one percent, the investment class which has crushed the middle class."

"It'll be stopped by public discourse. I'm here for my kids, for my grandmother who I don't want to live in the street, for the people who live seven to an apartment."

"I can't tell you how many people thanked me for what I'm doing. The people are upset. Most people in this country our one paycheck away from homelessness. The mayor is out of touch with that. He allows a city councilman to be beaten and thrown in jail."

My experience, locally, is that when people come up and thank you for something you said or did in public, it signals a sea change in public opinion. It also means they no longer trust the press coverage.

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