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What my Rep said

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Stephen Lynch (D-MA):

...Lynch said he is opposed because the measure does not go far enough. “We’ve paid the ransom, but at the end of the day the insurance companies are still holding the hostages,’’ Lynch said in an interview with the Globe yesterday. “This is a very good bill for insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. It might be good for Nebraska, I don’t know. Or Florida residents. But it’s not good for the average American, and it’s not good for my district. Or for Massachusetts.’’
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have wanted. Hhhmmm.

She whipped Stephen Lynch on it and he, regretfully, told her vote was still no.

6:30 PM ET -- Vicki Kennedy whipped Stephen Lynch to no avail. Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) one of the few Democrats opposing the bill because it doesn't go far enough, said Friday that he got a call two or three days ago from Ted Kennedy's widow Vicki Kennedy.

"She said Ted had worked at this for quite some time and invoked his name," Lynch told reporters. He regretfully told her he would be opposing the bill, he said. Senate Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) pushed Lynch again today on the House floor. Lynch said he told Hoyer not to waste time on him. He's a firm no.

Rep. Bill Delahunt of Massachusetts said that if Lynch says he's voting not, he's voting no. "He's a man of integrity," said Delahunt.

Perhaps some of the MA Dem are reading the Scott Brown election victory correctly: MA wants real health CARE reform, not the Obama HCR (High Corporate Revenues) bill.

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an amendment? "Stasis of hope."

He's pulling back to "save the process"? In exchange for a promise it would be brought up for a vote "later"? We have seen this movie before....

A statement by Will Wiquist, a Sanders spokesman, confirmed the report. “Bernie is a strong supporter of a public option and will continue to work to create a system that provides competition for private insurance companies as a way to hold down skyrocketing premiums,” Wiquist said by e-mail. “He thinks majorities in the House and Senate would support a public option.”

“Given the very delicate situation at this time and the challenge facing Speaker Pelosi as she rounds up votes, Bernie and other senators have concluded that offering a public option amendment now could undermine the entire process.”

Sanders told the National Journal, “We’ve got four years (before) the exchanges come into effect. We’ll continue to fight.

“The process does not end today, if this thing is passed,” he said. “We are working right now on some language ... to make sure that we get a vote as soon as possible after this thing is passed.”

The concession by Sanders and Merkley is considered a victory for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as they attempt to stitch together fragile support for the bill.(My emphasis)

FDL poster sees it as yet another worst negotiating tactic.

And, as commenterbbbwisc63, writes at FDL:

I predict you will hear a great deal of convo from the Senate in the coming months on the promised PO vote as we head into the elections. The actual vote will take place right after pigs learn to fly. My belief is the Bennett letter, the Grayson legislation are all tactics to keep the left in a stasis of hope. No more will I buy into anything but results which I no longer expect in the Democratic Party. Even my senator (Feingold) has been hiding under a rock. Might just vote for Ted Kennedy (write in) in this cycles partisan elections.

So, what abortion has been to the right, PO will be for the left.

Except the right is more clearly defining what they want, and the Dems are using PO as a smokescreen. But, for both, fundraising hot buttons.

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Quite right:

So, what abortion has been to the right, PO will be for the left.

Except the right is more clearly defining what they want, and the Dems are us PO as a smokescreen. But, for both, fundraising hot buttons.

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Being a mid-westerner I thought Lynch's refusal to be co-opted looked entirely reasonable and courageous. I saw some comments at the big orange threatening to run a a mod-dem against him for this, and accusing him of being rightwing on other issues.

Any comments , if he is your rep? Sounds like he is long time union man and has more courage than DK and the rest.

"Stasis of hope" brilliant comment in bold above !

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My impression of him is that he's a mod-Dem.

I visited his office in DC once, and he proudly displays a photo of himself arm-in-arm with General Petraeus, so he's clearly no DFH.

I was pretty surprised not so much that he opposed the bill, but that he articulated really good reasons for it.

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but he said he would not vote pro-life because he district was heavily pro-choice. He's conservative (Massachusetts conservative = 'middle of the road' IMO).

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FWIW, I still think Patraeus, too, right now is doing some stand up stuff calling out US military codependency with Israeli neocons.

I read DK's post-mensch statement about the "transformational potential" of this president. Potential. That's what women who love too much self-destructively talk about... potential. Geeeeessssh. Lucy and the football from Obama... over and over and over and over... insanity is expecting diff results. It is like awaiting the slot machine... maybe the jackpot will come this time or soon... since he gives a few quarters of hope every now and then and BO is such an awesome actor. Wish he would act like the constitution seriously mattered. And the eventual 24 million who will be without insurance and the eventual God knows how many who will die prematurely from lack of it mattered.