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What ? Murder Isn't Cricket

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Cricket? no, I don't think so.

Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan cricket coach , was strangled in his hotel room "in extraordinary and evil circumstances", the British officer leading the Jamaican police inquiry into his death announced late last night.

The Pakistan team bow their heads during a minute's silence in memory of Bob Woolmer ahead of their final World Cup game

There are unconfirmed reports that an arrest has been made in connection with his death.

Deputy Commissioner Mark Shields, formerly of Scotland Yard, said that Mr Woolmer, 58, was murdered in the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, the Jamaican capital, some time between Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

A central mystery was that there was no evidence of forced entry into the room and relatively few marks on the former England batsman's body.

"There were no real visible signs externally... There was little evidence of a struggle," he said.

I will not make any guesses here, but have commented about Pakistan before. We have actually cut our financial assistance to Pakistan's militia.

The questions are multitudinous. Murder? this is even beneath our own resident war criminals.

Questioning the willingness of the Pakistan government to control extremist groups that exist on its soil, a key US Congress member has sought benchmarks on aid to Islamabad to ensure progress against terrorism and towards restoring democracy.

Congressman Gary Ackerman, who was chairing a hearing of the South Asia and Middle East subcommittee in the US house of representatives, said "it is long past time for the Congress to add benchmarks on aid to Pakistan to ensure that progress against terrorism and towards restoring democracy is actually made, and that we stop responding to every crisis in Pakistan with the refrain of more money".

All right, I am not very happy with our allies. As a descendant of Costa Rican elements who rejected the invasion of U.S. forces to illegally fight the Contras, I see a lot of bad forces that are acting to make the world safe for authoritarians.

Usually strangling is left to the economic forces.

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