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We know that Barack Obama, in his heart of hearts, truly wants Real Change. We can tell this by examining the furrows of his brow as he squints meaningfully into the middle distance, by carefully measuring the sincerity-per-pixel count of his campaign posters, by reflecting on the inspirational Martin Luther King quotes he delicately intones before carpet-bombing an Afghan village. But we also know that despite his best efforts, Barack Obama can't achieve Real Change, confounded as he is by such institutional barriers as Congress and the Pentagon and Barack Obama. We know, for example, that Barack Obama wants nothing less than a sweeping overhaul of America's health care system, but has been hopelessly blocked at every turn by conservative Democrats like Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman and Barack Obama. And we know that Barack Obama did everything he could to oppose a trillion-dollar no-strings-attached bailout of a corrupt finance industry, but was helpless to stop it, boosted as it was by notorious corporate whore Barack Obama. And we know that Nobel Laureate Barack Obama is a devout lover of peace, but has been powerless to prevent the American military's rampant bloodletting throughout the Muslim world, as the nation's armed forces remain in the hands of that bloodthirsty warmonger Barack Obama.

I don't understand. Why does The Medium Lobster hate Obama? Is he a racist?

NOTE This is the post madamab was referring to here.

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Re: Barack Obama and the military and the "intelligence" community.

We are past the tipping point. The United States no longer has an option to withdraw from the wars and fight the waste of multi millions of people that rely on the military/ industrial/propaganda organizations that props up the teetering economy.

We simply cannot afford the unemployment of that many more millions of Americans.

Barack Obama's problems leave me tearless. He was not drafted. He chose to be what he is. A cheap corporate whore. He could have leveraged his win to get enough cash out of the corporations to fund enough senators and congressmen to pass any legislation that he wanted. He obviously preferred to sell out cheap.

I knew exactly what we had for a president when he invited the homophobe Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration and he has gone downhill since.

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of world domination by global big money, including bringing down the United States as a sovereign nation. (Do I sound like a crank? Sorry. Years ago, someone went around New York City writing "FBI in Library" graffiti. Turns out the FBI is in the library.)

"He could have leveraged his win to get enough cash out of the corporations to fund enough senators and congressmen to pass any legislation that he wanted."

You mean pass legislation you want. He is passing the legislation he wants.