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What Matt said



But even if we manage to prevent [the Iran] war, the 'stabbed in the back' canard, which is extremely powerful, will be used to resurrect the conservative movement nearly instantaneously. That's why when Bush leaves office, the fight over his legacy will be ongoing, until the movement that put him there is fully discredited.

We had the wooden stake pressed against Nixon's heart during Watergate, and we didn't drive it home. We let him get away and resurrect himself. Never again!

Although the Democratic Party apparatus today is far, far weaker and more compromised than it was in Nixon's day, and even in Reagan's day, I think that we are far more energized. So, it will be a matter of bringing pressure to bear....

Much, much more hard work ahead, as during their retreat from power the loyal Bushies used scorched earth tactics, and strew the land with booby-traps and landmines...

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