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"What is truthiness?" asked jesting lambert

Indeed. Readers?

NOTE Compare John 18.38.

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Submitted by gob on

the marshaling of non-falsehoods in the service of a lie.

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whatever goals you have--and it may or may not be true but that doesn't matter as much.

Iraq is the perfect example.

Another would be one advisor saying you'd consider a mandate for universal health, and then a few hours later another saying no, you won't. --

is the first advisor telling the truth? is it meant to reassure worried voters who want universal health care? ???

is the second telling the truth? ???

is the goal to fix healthcare -- or to send a message to voters or the press with no intention of fixing healthcare for real?

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Submitted by amberglow on

this article about Iraq awarding Oil Contracts solely to US and UK oil companies is full of lies and bullshit -- not truthiness -- U.S. Advised Iraqi Ministry on Oil Deals

many of the things the administration used to sell us the Iraq invasion and occupation were truthiness -- the shifting rationales, the "mushroom cloud" and "yellowcake" before the UN Inspectors weighed in, the "mass graves", "they're supporters of terror", ....

and some of them were just outright lies, but were never shown to be so or exposed as lies by the media -- "we're spreading democracy", "it's not about oil", "oil money will pay for it", "the inspections were not good enough", ...

and another example--using "Security" as the reason for supporting spying on us like Obama did is truthiness too -- sucking up all our communications is unnecessary, unconstitutional, illegal, invasive, and wrong -- but it's not an outright lie to say that it's being done so that they can catch wrongdoers and thus keep us safe -- even tho how the right/GOP define "wrongdoers" (which includes peace and antiwar groups and probably all Dems) is different from how Obama thinks of them.

one more example-- saying 527s are the reason not to do Public Campaign Financing is bullshit and an outright lie -- because 527s are outside groups and not connected to that system, and are also constitutionall allowed to do what they do. It's not truthiness. It may sound plausible to ignorant people but it's provable as false immediately.

Some things are plausible until proven true or false--some things are outright lies and bullshit. The things that help push your goals (invading Iraq, appearing tough and strong, using a scapegoat as a reason for something, ...) are what matters to politicians and officials.

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...problematic frame by Stephen Colbert that focuses on the omission or misrepresentation of facts by right-wing journalists and pundits and has the perhaps unintentional effect of distracting attention from the Real Problem: their political perspective as such.

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i saw your defenses of pumas over at pandagon. what the commenters looked like in my head, as i read through that thread:


but it was awfully good of you to try, nonetheless.