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What is there to love about Obama?

Terrific video!

Guess Obama's losing some of the youth vote....

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has agreed to "clip" this video for us (he has the ability--we can't, except for C-Span videos).

Anyway, Mr. A and I are sponsors of our "College Liberals" (started in honor of the late Howard Zinn).

The organization succeeded in siphoning off close to 40% of the College Dems in less than one year (two semesters).

Apparently, "from the right," the same thing has happened. College Repubs are also at an all time low here. But the College Libertarians have taken off!

The number of car stickers on campus during the 2012 election showed a very precipitous drop in Dem car stickers (not to mention enthusiasm).

This video will be a great recruiting tool!

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Here's what I love about Obama. He figured out how to not ever kill civilians. No more "collateral damage."

Because, we only kill "enemy combatants." (Precise things, those predator drones.)
Because now the definition of "enemy combatant" is...whoever happens to get blown up by the flying death robots.

That's why I love Obama.