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As you sow, so shall you reap. Pity Obama and Democrats incompetence, venality and cupidity will cause so much real world suffering. But in 2011 at least they’ll have a good excuse for doing nothing or passing only conservative bills. Which is good, because whenever they do something they screw it up anyway. As with Bush, if you believe in a policy (say stimulus) the last thing you want is for Obama and this Democratic Congress to do it, because they’ll screw it up beyond measure and thus discredit it.

Well, "screw it up" is a relative term.

I mean, the Dems health insurance reform bails out the insurance companies. So they didn't screw that part up.

That said, I agree that it's better, from now on, that the Dems don't do anything. Obama already made things worse with FISA and TARP before he was elected, after all, and the pattern has only continued.

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Submitted by Randall Kohn on

All his other comments there are rahmist hogwash, but suddenly this appears under his name:

The root cause of the malaise is the absolute refusal to consider any option other than a reboot of the financialization of the economy. That’s why Serious Liberal economists can talk about the main error having been the refusal to bail out Lehman Brothers before it collapsed.

The financialization of the economy is synonymous with the destruction of its productive capacity. That means a reconsideration of trade policy orthodoxy. Solve *that* problem, and many other problems will almost solve themselves.

Volumes of wisdom in those two grafs.