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What I learned watching Timcast’s reports from Ferguson

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First of all the trouble ALWAYS happens after the police separate the reporters from the demonstrators. That is proof of exactly nothing, but it sure is suspicious.

On Sunday night I learned that Tom’s Meat Market, one of the stores that was looted, called the police many times and there was no response.

Last night I learned that when the Quick Trip gas station/market was on fire the police blocked the fire trucks so that they could not put out the fire. The lawyer for Quick Trip maintains that they never called the police.

These are the sorts of things that can be confirmed. Was there a call from Quick Trip the night Michael Brown was murdered? The dispatcher logs would confirm that. If not the entire shop lifting story is bogus (not that it was ever relevant to the murder of Michael Brown, but it is relevant to police integrity or lack thereof).

Did the police block the fire trucks? That is something that could be confirmed.

Last night Tim Pool came under live fire, which he said was coming from the demonstrators. He would know, he was there, I watched live online last night. (He remained remarkably focused; gassed, under fire, he continued to calmly report what was happening.)

The really bad stuff ALWAYS happens when the reporters are separated from the demonstrators. Clearly the reporters are having a restraining effect on all concerned, therefore the best thing to do is to encourage the demonstrators and reporters to mingle together.

Watching this night after night it is difficult to resist the conclusion that the Ferguson police prepared to destroy his town to protect a murderer.

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Great, great detail.

I'm starting to think of Ferguson as an elite Petri dish. Rather like Ukraine, or Iraq, or Syria. They experiment with tactics and marketing, then pull back. After all, Obama did say he was in favor of "smart wars."

So, adding, "best thing" from whose perspective?