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What have the ratfucking Republicans dug up on Harry Reid with their warrantless surveillance program?


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are from a famous quotation from Edwin Edwards, to the effect that he couldn't lose an election unless he were "caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy."

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Back home, they call him Harry CabReido ("Cabrito")

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None of the above (i.e., Harry loves his telco contribution$, to the tune of a whopping 25 grand!)

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- Kate Archer, "No One Lives Forever"

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We've finally won one on ratfucking -- the vast leftwing Wurlitzer has orchestrated the goat blowing theme recently just to discredit anybody who finds out about Reid's walks on the wild side.

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This stuff goes back to J. Edgar Hoover.
Hoover kept files on EVERYONE. It was the one thing
that allowed that monster to stay around as long
as he did.

We are much more modern now. The whole point of
FISA was to collect enough to Blackmail the entire
Congress. This allows the blackmailers to keep
"the opposition" on a short leash. Just another
Kabuki dance to delude the sheep.