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What Happens When Your Favorite Candidate Loses

Catastrophe! Disaster! O Noes!! Doom!!

And, oh yeah, I can think of a couple of people who ought to get off the campaign trail Monday and, along with their declared supporters, take care of some business of the sort they get paychecks to do.

And hey, congrats to Obama and the people who worked to produce the results he got. The numbers out of SC are mindblowing and credit goes where credit is due. Turnout like that in November and ...well, that's getting ahead of ourselves. But well done, folks.

And Hillary was just a bit of a shit refusing to give a gracious concession speech. We are the reality based, madame, remember? Reality has demands sometimes.

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Obama reprising his "say anything" line was a nasty little elbow from the Unifier. Supposedly he'd pulled that ad, because he realized he'd crossed a line, and then in his big moment he blows on that dog whistle again.

As I noted in comments on a different thread, I credit this win to better management of the memes. More people believed that the Clintons had been playing dirty (with scant evidence, I might add) than that Obama had. The Clinton-hating media played a massive role in that, of course.

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She congratulated Obama and then gave a stump speech. Why is that so shitty? What is she (or any other candidate) supposed to do, wallow? Super Duper Extraordinary OMG! Tuesday is just around the corner. I've never bought into this "concession" speech etiquette during primaries. Just congratulate the winner and move on. At least she had the grace to congratulate Obama, unlike what he did in Nevada (What was that about?).

I agree with Vast Left: the corporate press narrative/myth--universal, constant--was big. Most people, Democrats believe it since it's everywhere (There's even a "Clinton attacks Obama!" wiki; overwhelmingly baseless plus it purposely ignores Obama's tactics).

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After today, I can't stomach the constant assault of just lies. I'm absolutely amazed.

Even the Independent is getting in on it:

....Hillary Clinton set the tone at a televised debate in Myrtle Beach. In a few sharp exchanges she telegraphed to viewers that Mr Obama was just another sleazy black politician in a sharp suit. For all his uplifting rhetoric, she said, he winked at legislation to allow sex shops near schools, consorted with a slum landlord, didn't oppose the war in Iraq when it really mattered and, in the greatest heresy for Democrats, admired Ronald Reagan. It was a breathtaking assault.

No mention of the fact it was true or that Obama hijacked a question about his budget to launch an unprovoked tirade against Clinton and had just bashed her with "Wal-Mart."


Defeat here only underlines the Clinton message to white voters that this is a racial fight.


Mr Obama had been eager to keep race out of the election, and previously the Clintons were laughed at whenever they tried to introduce it.

They failed to put show any evidence for their claims nor showed any scrutiny on Obama (He's portrayed as refusing to fight back); all of it as on the Clintons. Even that Bill Clinton exchange with a reporter ("Shame on you!") was taken out of context since there was no mention that major Obama supporter, Harpootlian, called him Lee Atwater. They're even quoting Dick Morris and Robert Reich (described as an "old friend of the Clintons").

Also: The Guardian:
The Clinton strategy of marginalising Barack Obama as an African-American candidate showed signs of success on the eve of today's Democratic primary in South Carolina.

When you combine this with JFK's own daughter accusing the Clintons of playing dirty, it's over.

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The first quote from The Independent was insane to inject racism into Clinton's criticism ("sleazy black politician"). My God!