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America spends more on our military than every other nation in the world combined, and invades, interferes in and bombs other countries far more than anyone else -- it's not even close. That's just factually true. Yet the leading Democratic candidates do not even touch on challenging any of that, instead proposing that we expand military spending further still. And none even think about challenging even the most extreme and destructive aspects of the odious War on Drugs.

Since we all know that -- unlike Paul -- the leading Democratic candidates are very, very sane, psychologically healthy and serious, is there any chance that mainstream Democrats could catch a little of the sickness, insanity, derangement, and demented fringe radicalism of the sort Paul exhibited yesterday? As Marsh observes, there is obviously a strong constituency among perfectly normal, mainstream Americans for these disastrous bipartisan orthodoxies to be challenged.


Teh Bipartisan is looking a lot less like date rape to me these days, and a lot more like some extremely weird and sick dependency relationship. Kinda like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. "Democrats and Republicans -- sad sad sad."

TROLL PROPHYLACTIC Yes, all Republicans, and no, not all Democrats. And yes, just because the Democrat Party is flaccid and supine and corrupt doesn't mean they're "the same as" the pastor-loving billionaire-teabagging animal-abusing torture enthusiasts and blood- and pus-encrusted spawn of Chthulhu on the Republican side. But still.

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Oh Lamb! "Troll prophylactic"! What a wonderful creation! A perfect preventive needle injection against the feckless forces of imbecility. May it spread like a viral Youtube throughout our world of tubosity.

I would encourage all to liberally wield this excellent preemption tool, specifically with well-chosen and exhaustive antibodies poised to engulf and ensnark any would-be space-invaders attempting to attach suckers to our precious thought emanations. Who can deny that "billionaire-teabagging," f'r instance, is a powerful and unanswerable serum against trollage of every persuasion.