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What Edwards said


Edwards cites fight for party's soul
"[EDWARDS] The easiest thing to do is say we can be nice about this, we can turn our heads and we can sit at a table with stakeholders and negotiate with them and they will voluntarily give their power away," said Edwards, the party's vice presidential nominee in 2004. "It is a complete fantasy."


Of course, fantasy sells. Will people buy?

"If you are willing on a cold January night to stand up with me, I'm going to give you back your Democratic Party, I'm going to give you back the White House and I'm going to give you back your country. "If we don't take the power away from these people, they're not going to give it up."

Not ready to make nice...

NOTE Sterling Newberry has an interesting model for why the Democrats in Congress behave the way they do. Ditto Kagro X. Fine reading.

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