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What, do you think Glenn reads these things?

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I'm following the thing between Josh Marshall and Insty today.

I think it's interesting that Josh says that Insty is misrepresenting him. It's actually worse than that. Insty's always been too lazy to read any of the stuff he links to.

Here's what I said in the comment to the original post:

You've got to understand, Glenn doesn't usually read the stuff he links to -- he just accepts what the people who send him e-mails about it say.

Back a couple of years ago when I used to routinely rake him over the coals about the inaccurate and disingenuous stuff he posted about lefty bloggers, it became very obvious early on that he seldom read the stuff he linked to, he just took some knuckle-dragger's word for it.

How do you think he puts up so many posts? He doesn't read everything he links to, that would be impossible.

And yes, it's lazy and irresponsible. It always has been and always will be.

And Insty has always been lazy and irresponsible. From the very beginning to the end. Apparently being a law professor doesn't really take that much time. He still hasn't published a book by himself after all. At my little regional teaching university we have to publish a book for tenure and promotion. Apparently my little regional teaching university is more rigorous than the UTK law school is as far as tenure and promotion requirements are concerned.

Boy and if Glenn's dean accepts blogging as scholarship, he's a bigger fool than Insty.

'Nuff said.

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