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What do you get for messing up and not salvaging the Michigan pimary: Re-elected.

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First, let me give you some background on Michigan's 2008 Democratic Primary. The primary was moved to January 15th by an act of both Michigan legislatures. To make an important note, though, the original idea came from the Republican-controlled Michigan Senate, and the bill passed the Senate along purely paristan lines with the 21 Republicans voting "yes" for the move, and the 17 Democrats voting "no."

That said, the idea soon caught fire among everyone, and one the support of Michigan's Democrat governor, Senators, and DNC members. One of the leaders (who is mentioned below) of this idea was Debbie Dingell (wife of Congressman John Dingell), who's reasoning was that if we broke the rules it would directly and instantly lead to primary election reform in which other states would rebel against the hegemony Iowa and New Hampshire had over the process, and introduce early in the process an industrial state that was expriencing troubles that we knew the country would be experiencing just down the road. The rest, unfortunately, is now history.

Whether one believes the move to be noble, stupid, or wrong (or some combination of the three), what happened next was a blemish on every Michigan DNC member involved. To note, the six listed below all waited either waited unitl late or until the end of the primaries to endorse, and all ended up endorsing Obama, but to me that doesn't really matter.

What matters to me is that after this debacle, each of them should have simply offered to resign their post. Worst yet, it seems that they have not even acknowledged our bogus primary, and thus have offered no way to make sure this never happens again. It's as if it never even happened. They talk about electing more Democrats to the state supreme court and retaining the governorship, but I have an idea: Why not restore your trust with Michigan voters by addressing the damned bungled primary? That they alll seemed to be re-elected together says to me that there was no discussion of this.

Michigan Democrats return six members to DNC

LANSING -- Michigan Democratic Party leaders have returned all six state representatives to the Democratic National Committee.

The Democratic State Central Committee on Saturday reelected Elizabeth Bunn, Debbie Dingell, Robert Ficano, Joyce Lalonde, Jeff Radjewski and Rick Wiener to 4-year terms on the DNC at its meeting in Pontiac.

Party officials say their goals include maintaining control of the governorship and gaining another seat on the Michigan Supreme Court in 2010.

The Democrats' spring state convention is scheduled for Feb. 21.

So, what do these folks get for first bungling a primary, and then fighting half-assed for a re-vote to make sure my vote counted and those of everyone else that voted in the primary: Re-election. Yes, we're going to act as if nothing ever happened.

I guess it's true, no bad deed ever goes unrewarded.

Sorry if I rambled, but you can not imagine how angry I am about even mentioning our primary, and how our state Democratic party continues to pretend that nothing happened.

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Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

I see their re-election as a well deserved "Fuck You" to the corrupt scum on the DNC Rules and Bylaws committee.

Oborg mileage may vary.

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Submitted by Damon on

Everyone of those re-elected is and Oborg. They weren't "fighting the power" during our primaries, they were the power. Please do not be fooled. There were three political divisions within the ranks of our delegates concerning our primary fuck-up: those openly Obama folks who were against any revote or for a caucus revote (of course), those cowards who were really for Obama (but "uncommitted") and half-assedly 'fought' for a 'compromise' which actually ended up taking delegates from Hillary and giving them to Obama, and than those true fighters that wanted the vote based on the January 15th outcome or a new primary a position that Obama and his state team did everything to provent.

Every one of those 6 Michigan DNC representatives were in either group one or two. This is not a "fuck you" to the R&B Committee; It's a "welcome back" party. These folks weren't heroes or right-fighters, they were cowards who fought, or maligned through negligence, the democratic process here in Michigan.

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The GOP is so evil so it doesn't matter what Democrats do. If you asked me a year and a half ago if I'd have so little trust or "hope" in the Democratic Party as I do now I would have laughed. I knew about a year ago we were in for trouble when Obama supporters laughed at or had Hillary nutcrackers that something was wrong with the so-called liberal party. As far as I'm concerned, the Democrats are nothing more than a progressive group. (And I use progressive as a pejorative as I always do.)

As long as liberals continue to be nothing more than Dem apologists, they will be as useless as progressives.