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What do you do with disposable people?

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Dispose of them, of course! Turns out words don't matter:

Less than two years after vowing to end homelessness in Massachusetts, the Patrick administration has proposed new regulations that it acknowledges could force hundreds of homeless families back on the street.
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To have social programs.

It's not just to help people that are poor, although the programs do help them and that is a good thing in itself.

But, it's mostly to help those that have more, if truth be told. It prevents people from becoming starving, sick desperate people that are out on the streets, looking for anything to survive. It protects other people that have more from violence and sickness.

Why so many people think they are immune from the desperation of others is beyond me.

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Ignores how many of the people in that state have mental illness and/or addiction issues. Expecting them to be the rarest of Americans who can save 30%, for example, is unbelievably cruel and short-sighted.

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the real purpose isn't feeding the hungry, it's keeping a floor under commodities prices for farmers.

That's read as controlling what the poor can and can't have, which is a truth; but it's also a sort of insurance for the government so the farmers (read: big ag corps) don't take matters into their own hands.

Don't know if David Weber consciously wrote the last three books in the Honor Harrington Series (Storm from the Shadows, War of Honor, At All Costs) as a cautionary tale on this theme or not, but when you strip away the fictionalization, it's pretty obvious that the Manpower Alliance is actually corporate power generally, and more specifically the ability of corporations to hold workers and customers alike in thrall.

One of the things I want somebody handing Obama a big roll of duct tape to fix is the notion of corporate personhood. It's a lie based on a deliberate mistake and it's unconstitutional, and the sooner it's rooted out of our legal system the better. Else the Enrons and Aetnas of our past and present will be the slaveholding tyrants of our future.